Ryan’s Story


In memory of Ryan Patrick Halligan 

1989 - 2003

 Ryan’s Story

A Father’s Hard-Earned Lessons about Cyberbullying and Suicide

This site is dedicated to the memory of my son and for all children suffering from the pain of being bullied and feeling hopeless.  I pray this site will encourage them to seek help and not lose hope.  I invite schools to let me come and share his story in person to inspire change in the hearts and minds of bullies and bystanders and those suffering from depression in making an irreversible tragic mistake.

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The middle school and teen years are now more challenging than ever. Bullying and suicide are on the rise – an increase that has been linked to social media and smartphone use. Are you struggling with decisions regarding smartphone and social media access for your child? John Halligan, international bullying prevention speaker, and Emily B. Dickson, professional middle school counselor, are all too familiar with these widespread concerns among parents of tweens and teens.

John lost his thirteen-year-old son, Ryan, to suicide in 2003. Ryan was one of the first victims of cyberbullying as social media began to emerge as an opportunity for peers to bully from a distance and behind a computer screen. John wishes he had prepared his sweet, sensitive son to be less vulnerable. He shares with the reader the heartbreaking story of Ryan’s short life, including his lessons learned and precautions parents can take regarding technology. 

Although the occurrence of Ryan’s social media experience was in a relatively nascent time frame of social media, the advice and lessons provided in this book are bridged and made relevant to today’s world. Emily assists John in delivering clinically sound and practical advice based not just on her professional experience, but also on her own challenges as a parent of two children heading soon into the middle school years. 

This book will be an invaluable guidepost for parents who want to... 

• Be better prepared in dealing with bullying and cyberbullying of their child. 

• Become more informed in making decisions regarding access to social media. 

• Know how to respond if their child is struggling with mental health or thoughts of suicide.


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