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Pre and Post-Processing Material for Schools


Documents for Student Presentation



Documents for Parent Presentation (if scheduled)


Documents Providing Overview of Programs


Mr Halligan

Mr. Halligan's Student Presentation for Preloading if requested on the school's computer to 

expedite set up / readiness.  Right-click and save as one of the following:

Scheduling Guidelines


The parent presentation is 60 minutes and is usually scheduled for 7 PM - 8 PM.


The student presentation is 60 minutes, with 45 minutes of storytelling plus 15 minutes of key takeaways.


Additional time allocation should be planned for the seating and exit of the students.


Technology Requirements


I will use my laptop and have all the necessary interface cables to connect to your projection and audio system.


I will need you to provide a screen, projector, and audio system, including a microphone and the ability to connect to my laptop for sound.  I will have many audio adapters and connectors, including a direct interface box, with me if needed to make the laptop audio connection work.  I do not require internet access.


I will have my presentation available on a thumb drive, too if the school system only allows the use of their computer as part of the AV system.  The format will be Keynote and PowerPoint.  However, please make sure your software is up to date.

Language Translation App


Schools that have ESL students may consider using the Microsoft Translator Application.  A school used this successfully by having an I-pad with the App installed near me and ESL students equipped with I-Pads with the App too. The app translated in real-time for them to read along with my presentation.  Here is the link to learn more.


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