Speaking Fee


The above fees include all expenses incurred, including hotels, meals, airfare, parking, car rental, mileage, gas, taxi, etc.    The only cost the school will incur is what is presented here.


I handle all of my travel arrangements.  Being based close to NYC,  I have access to four major airports to get to any place in the country. No location is too remote.


Special Discount and Cost Sharing Options


If I get booked two consecutive days by a school district or local area schools, I will provide the parent presentation for free on the first evening for the schools to share. Schools also have the option to find another school to share the day and split the fee for the day and evening between the two schools. 


Some examples to illustrate the application of the first table above:  


School A books one student presentation         - $1800 

School A books two student presentations       - $2500

School A adds parent presentations                   - $3200


School A and B share one day, one presentation each -  $1250 each


School A and B share one day, one presentation each plus the parent presentation -  $1600 each


School A books day one for two presentations and School B books day two for two presentations, they will both get a parent presentation to share for free the first evening - $2500 each  


If a school district or local area schools book me for more than two consecutive days, I will discount the daily fee by 10% and provide multiple free parent evening presentations depending on how many days scheduled. 


I have no limitations on audience size or how many schools decide to come together in one location to share the cost of the presentation.  If you are at a small school, please contact me and I will 

work with you on the fee


For international and conference keynote booking requests, please contact me for the fee.




Financial Assistance


NYC Schools:  My NYC DOE Vendor ID is RYA050406.


NY Schools:  The BOCES Arts-in-Ed may be a source of funding.


NJ Schools: Your municipal alliance may assist with the cost since there is a connection between being bullied and being more at risk to experiment with drugs as an escape from the pain.


Bullying and Substance Abuse: Whom It Affects and Why


Family Support May Protect Against Substance Use After Bullying


All States: Here are some more potential funding sources: 


U.S. Department of Education, Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools

U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

school district funds

county health department funding


In some circumstances, Title I, Title IV, and Title V funds can be used for the program. City Block Grants are another possible funding source. Some schools have found eager sponsors from local businesses, especially through the local Rotary Club, Knights of Columbus, Masons, Lions, Kiwanis, etc.  Don’t be shy about asking them.  They love supporting a program like mine.   Concerned parents have often given financial support and manpower support for bullying prevention efforts in their schools through their local PTA organization.



Payment Terms


I am very flexible with payment terms.  I do not require a deposit, and I only expect to be paid within 30 days after delivering the presentations. However, I understand sometimes grants take a bit longer.  I assume 100% of the financial risk due to cancellations for any reason including weather, the recent tragic loss of a student or staff member, mandated state testing schedule changes, etc. Although my travel and operating costs continue to rise, I have kept my fees relatively small compared to other high-quality programs with the consideration that school budgets continue to be tightened year to year.  I'm much more focused on trying to visit as many schools as there are school days on the calendar so I will always keep these terms and amounts reasonable. 


Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions. 


Ryan's Story Presentation LLC

(802) 578-8229