Presentations for Students and Parents

More than 2000 schools and well over 1 Million students reached throughout the United States and Latin America since 2009

My program for middle and high schools has a long-standing reputation for changing and saving young lives while effectively addressing bullying and suicide prevention.  The students always remain entirely engaged as I tell my son's heartbreaking life story.  Their hearts and minds are always reached with inspiring life-changing lessons from his story, including:


  • Forgiveness is a much better state of mind.

  • Suicide prevention is achieved through self-advocacy and advocacy for others.

  • Be an up-stander and not a bystander.

  • Apologize if you owe one.

  • You are loved beyond belief!


I would love the opportunity to present to your students and their parents too.



John Halligan

PS.  Great article for you to read : What Makes Storytelling So Effective For Learning? - Harvard Business Publishing


My name is Stephanie, and you came to talk at my middle school around 2011. Although I was very young, Ryans story touched me in ways I didn't think were possible. I know Ryan's story touched many people in my school, even those I thought would ignore it. I graduated high school in 2015 from Chelmsford High, and graduated college (University of Massachusetts Lowell) with a Psychology major and Criminal Justice Minor in spring 2019. Ryans story has stayed with me since I was 14 years old, and I am 22 now. You have imprinted on me, lessons I never would've learned. I am keeping your family in my prayers and heart; and there isn't a week that goes by that I don't think back to the presentation and story you told.


Several days ago I had the pleasure to hear your presentation, as I am a staff member at Long Valley Middle School  New Jersey.  I have been teaching since the fall of 1967, so I have been subjected to far more useless assemblies than I care to remember! Honestly, your program is positively the best presentation for students that I have ever heard.  For once, it was something that was real and tangible.  Unless students are emotionally hooked into what is being delivered, they walk away unaffected.  Yours, however, resonated and was authentic.


Thank you for having the courage to tell this story over and over again.  I can’t imagine how hard it is to constantly open up and share this unbearable pain.  My son asked me to go to your lecture last night, I am embarrassed to say that like every busy parent, I ignored the emails inviting us to this presentation.  Having my son who is in the throes of navigating middle school tell me to go, made me get in my car after a long, busy day to sit and listen.  Wow, was it worth it.  I learned quite a bit about how I need to communicate with my son and have this on-going conversation about how to treat others.  Tell your next audience of kids to encourage their parents to attend.  Just like peer pressure, children can often persuade their parents to take action better than a slew of emails.  

Thank you for dedicating your life to saving our kids lives.  I have no doubt you are preventing many kids from hurting themselves and others


My name is Danielle and I live in New Jersey. Mr. Halligan visited my middle school, H.B.Whitehorne, several years ago. As I have grown older, the impact of his presentation has touched my life.
This is my first year of college and I've been having a hard time transitioning to living away from home. Everyday I tell myself, "you can always turn an ink blot into a butterfly", and that saying keeps me going. With any situation I find myself in, I repeat this saying in my head and it immensely helps me and puts my situation into perspective. Hearing your story and motivation truly inspires me to persevere and make the world a better place.
I think that you are one of the most powerful, motivational voices in the world. Your story is one that everyone must hear and it has changed my outlook on life. I am so thankful for you and your dedication to making this place a better world.



Student Assembly

Length: 60 minutes

Ryan's Story inspires students to make positive changes in their lives towards reducing bullying, cyber-bullying and preventing teen suicides.  Students are reached deeply and profoundly and are encouraged to examine their lives and how they treat others. Bystanders are inspired to stand by no longer and use their voice to stop others from getting bullied at school or online.  All will leave this presentation feeling loved, hopeful and changed.

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Parent Presentation

Length: 60 minutes

Ryan’s Story / A Father’s Hard-Earned Lessons About Cyberbullying and Suicide shares the lessons learned from my family's tragedy. It is updated every school year to address the latest social media problems facing preteens and teens.   Practical recommendations are provided for parents to prevent suicide and bullying.  Parents will get an unambiguous message that they need to step up and take responsibility for how their child uses technology and interacts with their peers in person and online.

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